Working student in the field of electronics / programming / embedded systems

Your tasks:
- Various assignments: Production, system designs, measurements and individual projects, including: 
Planning and development of electromechanical test environments or small individual projects. 
C++/C and Python programming of specific problems
Coordination, purchasing with suppliers from Asia and Silicon Valley
Assistance/supervision of EMS track, standard tests and measurements on professional system components
- You can either help out flexibly or take on a specific task with an intersection to your competencies

Your profile:
- You are in technical studies, apprenticeship or at the end of school
- You are enthusiastic about technology and electronics and good at natural sciences
- Optimal: You have special knowledge in a certain area - whether in hardware or software topics
- You are able to pick up knowledge and develop it further
- You are responsible and recognize the relevance of developments and the value of your work equipment
- You want to fill your wallet or get rid of your ideas

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